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General Athletic Philosophy:

Athletics is and should be an integral part of the total school program. Athletics is an educational experience developing the student’s character, physical well-being emotional maturity and positive self-image. The primary goals of the athletic program are to promote sportsmanship, teamwork and dedication to the group over self, a positive work ethic and a winning attitude. Our athletic programs must strive to develop a true understanding of winning, that effort is foremost and the score is secondary. Clear Creek athletic programs follow a no-cut policy. This means that we will provide a spot in all our programs for any and every qualified student that wishes to participate. It is then up to the student-athlete to accept the role provided and communicated by the Head Coach.

Expectations: Clear Creek athletes and coaches should:

  • Place academics and family as their first priority, their team as their second priority and social and personal interests as their third priority.

  • Strive to set the highest example of sportsmanship, character, school pride and overall respect of others.

  • Set and strive to achieve the highest expectations of conduct in all aspects of their lives.

  • Follow all rules and regulations set forth by the coach and school.

  • Represent themselves, their team, their school and their family in a positive way in all aspects of their athletic participation and as citizens of the community.

  • Always encourage their teammates/players and promote goodwill with their opponents.

    Athletics should be a positive part of the middle school experience. It is our goal to have all students actively involved in the athletic experience at Clear Creek Middle School. Student involvement in sports as either participants or spectators has a positive influence on the overall school atmosphere. Coaches, as well as teachers, can have a life long influence on our young people. We want to strive to assure that our influence is always a positive influence. With this in mind we recognize the opportunity to participate in athletics at the high school level is a privilege to be earned by the student athlete for following and meeting the expectations listed.

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