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Snowbound: Learning Skiing and More

One of the unique things about Clear Creek is how students, across the grades, learn together. We see it in the school plays, clubs, and sports teams—and the ski team is no exception. The Middle School ski team spans 4th to 8th grade. Three years ago, Tom Harvey coached 7 students along with his assistant coach and wife Elisa Kettner. This year, they have 28 skiers on the team. Students learn ski racing, and they also learn important skills like leadership. “The older students help and coach the younger skiers,” said Elisa. “As a ski racer you also have to have organizational skills,” said Tom. “There’s a lot of equipment you have to manage for yourself, and you have to know where to be and when to be there.” Coach Tom also stresses safety on and off the ski slopes. The team will practice at Loveland* and will compete in 3-5 meets. *Loveland Ski Area also supports the Clear Creek High School Snow Science & Technology class.


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