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The Transitional Colorado Assessment Program, TCAP is a mandated program for all public schools under state law.  TCAP testing will begin on Tuesday, March 4th. TCAP results are an important indicator and used to: 
  • Assess student learning and progress.  Based on this data, a measurement of student growth from year to year is obtained which is compiled in the School Performance Framework, SPF.
  • A school's SPF grade is a reflection of overall student growth from year to year.
  • TCAP data is used to direct both instructional and curriculum decisions.
  • TCAP results are examined for individual students based on the data we receive from their assessment scores and is used to help further and enhance learning.
Roslin Marshall
CCMS Principal


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Vision Statement

Students at Clear Creek Middle School will successfully explore their academic, social and physical abilities leading toward increased knowledge, skills, and understanding of life.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 19
Loveland Ski Passes
Liz Hamilton / Guest
Clear Creek Middle School
Soccer vs Academy 12:00/1:00pm (B/A)
There will only be one game at noon
Sunday, April 20
Loveland Ski Passes
Brian Inman / Guest
Monday, April 21
Clear Creek Middle School
Track at Bennett 3:00pm bus at 1:15pm

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