CCSD Update 3.18.22


Board of Education Meeting Highlights

CCSD was pleased to recognize the social workers who do important work in schools, in alignment with School Social Worker Week. Ulla-Carin Johnson was recognized for her collaboration across the county in efforts to bring infant/toddler care to our community. 

CCSD educators presented a compensation increase request to the Board of Education. Currently the two teams are meeting as part of union negotiations: the Clear Creek County Educators Association, CCCEA, and a CCSD leadership team. Topics for the first two sessions have included revisions to paid time off practices as well as a financial presentation in anticipation of working through compensation requests. 

The Clear Creek Accountability Committee, CCAC, shared results from the 2022 Winter Survey. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey! While pleased to see that 81% of parents indicated that educators have high expectations for their child, we have work to do with only 78% of parents indicating that their child feels connected to the school community. Successful learning starts with meaningful connections. Not surprising yet quite sobering, high numbers of parents reported that their child has experienced stress, anxiety, and/or depression this year. With supports available for student mental health, including school counselors, JCMH (Jefferson Center for Mental Health), and Resilience1220, we must seek more strategies to connect the resources with families and students. 


Budget priorities on the Winter Survey included increasing compensation for all employee groups, recruitment and retention of educators, experiential learning experiences & resources, curriculum resources, sustaining innovative grant funded work, plus ensuring & sustaining fifth day options for students. These priorities will help the Board of Education make important budget decisions this spring. 


Comments on the survey elevated a need to address bullying and unkind behaviors, as well as an appreciation for the innovative direction of the district. Additionally, comments indicated a frustration with mask mandates.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Board meeting in person. There were many great questions, and it was especially inspiring to hear a desire to get involved. While we have CCAC, CATs and Dogs, PTAs, Booster Club, and more, there’s the potential to add additional collaborative committees. If you have an idea, share it with your school principal or email [email protected]. Additionally, we will be adding information to the CCSD website as part of the website redesign. Together we can do important work to provide the best learning experiences for all students in Clear Creek!


Wrap Around Care for King Murphy

Rocky Mountain Kids, RMK,, will be providing wrap-around care for students at King Murphy Elementary. More information will be provided to King Murphy families regarding this new service. RMK will provide wrap-around services for times that school is not in session and 21st C grant activities are not happening. This is a similar model to what’s in place at Carlson Elementary through our close partnership with Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District. CCSD continues to be committed to providing 21st Century Learning Grant, or out of school activities free of charge.


CATs and DOGs

The Citizens Accountability Team, or CAT, met for the first time to get an overview of their responsibilities and the 2018 Bond Program in general. This group of community stakeholders will be providing an update to the Board of Education in April regarding what’s happening on bond projects. Design Oversight Groups, or DOGs, are starting to meet as well. Each bond project has a DOG that is composed of project-specific stakeholders. They are tasked with working with the architect and project leads to provide input into the design. Both teams require messy, creative, and flexible thinking; thank you in advance for those who are willing to serve!