CCSD selected to participate in The Path4Ward Pilot

(news release excerpt) The Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) approved five partnerships for participation in a newly created Path4Ward pilot program.

The five-year program allows low-income, early high school graduates from participating pilot high schools to receive funding for postsecondary education or training programs during what would have been their fourth year of high school. The program addresses the financial burdens often faced by students who wish to graduate early and pursue career and postsecondary education and training outside of the high school setting.


“The Path4Ward creates significant cost-savings for qualified students,” said Dr. Angie Paccione, executive director at the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE). “Students are awarded state funds to get a head-start on their postsecondary education, whether it be a vocational program, apprenticeship or traditional college or university.” 

Read the full news release here. 

We are thrilled to be selected! Clear Creek High School already has two students who will benefit from this opportunity.

Enrollment for 22-23

It’s time to start planning for the next school year! Enrollment for the 2022-23 school year is open. Next year we implement the 4-day school week and Friday COMPASS Day, providing students with even more choice in their learning experiences.

All families should enroll for the 2022-23 school year using the online registration system. Please visit our website to register your student. 

If you forgot your username or password for Infinite Campus Parent Portal, contact Michelle McNeil at [email protected] or one of the contacts below for help and assistance:

Debbie Davis at King-Murphy Elementary: (303) 670-0005

Jenny Plyer at Carlson Elementary: (303) 679-5700

Heather Henson at Georgetown Community School: (303) 569-3277

Daphne Moore at Middle/High School: (303) 679-4610

Upcoming Board of Education Meeting

The next CCSD Board of Education meeting will be held on March 15 at Clear Middle & High School at 6pm. Agenda items include:

  • Block 57 Contract Amendment/Extension (Real Estate)
  • Citizens Advisory Team Charge & Mission (Bond)
  • CCCEA request to expand scope of bargaining topics to include time 
  • CCSD 22-23 Family Calendar
  • Winter Survey Results 
  • Policy Work:

In a continuing effort to create a welcoming environment at board meetings for all voices, and to provide a venue for feedback, the board has made two revisions to public comment protocols:

  1. Written comments submitted prior to the meeting may be read during public comment by a board member upon request,
  2. A sign up sheet for public comment will be available at the door, and as time allows, the public can sign up to speak. 

Agendas are posted on the CCSD Facebook page:, as well as on the CCSD Board of Education website. Recordings and slide decks are posted on the Board of Education website following the meeting. 

Below is a request that was previously in a CCSD Update. It’s from the University of Colorado, not CCSD. However, we shared it in the event people in our community wanted to share their perspectives on vaccines. The survey is still open, so sharing once more. 

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we begin 2022!  Clinicians from the University of Colorado and have received funding from the Association for University Centers on Disabilities and Centers for Disease Control to share information related to the COVID-19 vaccine.  We are hoping you would be willing to complete a brief survey (link is below!) to support us in understanding what concerns different areas in Colorado may have regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.  The survey is available in English, Arabic, and Spanish. To be clear, this survey is not a way to force or coerce anyone into becoming vaccinated against COVID-19 and it is completely voluntary to complete.  We are genuinely interested in understanding potential concerns related to receiving the vaccine and would be more than happy to provide information to those interested in receiving the initial two doses of the vaccine and/or the booster dose.

 Thank you for your willingness to view the survey below and share your thoughts. 


 Patrick Romani, Ph.D., BCBA-D