First Day Message From Principal Gould

Good afternoon, Digger and Duster families!

It finally happened!  After five months of near silence, the halls of CCMS/HS had the sound of adolescent voices ringing in them again.  I cannot begin to tell you how gratifying it has been to work with this staff for such a short time and to see their dedication to our students.  As we move forward, things will not go perfectly, but we will all work through this together.

Below are some updates as we continue to figure out what this new COVID reality looks like.

Cohorts for next week:  For the school days from 8/24/2020 to 9/4/2020, we are going to alternate days by grade level.  This is not meant as a permanent plan for the semester, but a way to try to bring students into the school year in a safer way.  Below I have the schedule for this current week, and then the alternating schedule with cohorts of 7th/9th/10th grade and 8th/11th/12th grade.

  • Back-to-School Days
    • Tues 8/18:  7th grade only
    • Wed 8/19:  9th grade only
    • Thurs 8/20:  8th & 10th grades only
    • Fri 8/21:  11th & 12th grades only
  • Phase-in
    • Mon 8/24:  7/9/10 in the building, 8/11/12 at home
    • Tues 8/25:  8/11/12 in the building, 7/9/10 at home
    • Wed 8/26:  7/9/10 in the building, 8/11/12 at home
    • Thurs 8/27:  8/11/12 in the building, 7/9/10 at home 
    • Fri 8/28:  7/9/10 in the building, 8/11/12 at home 
    • Mon 8/31:  8/11/12 in the building, 7/9/10 at home 
    • Tues 9/1:  7/9/10 in the building, 8/11/12 at home 
    • Wed 9/2:  8/11/12 in the building, 7/9/10 at home 
    • Thurs 9/3:  7/9/10 in the building, 8/11/12 at home 
    • Fri 9/4:  8/11/12 in the building, 7/9/10 at home 

I have read the feedback from parents about concern for reduced learning opportunities during this phase-in, as well as the question about remote learning during this time.  At this time, the need to solidify our COVID procedures in school has to outweigh the need to have more instructional time.  In the early part of the phase-in, there will not be much remote learning (ie:  Google Classroom), but teachers will start to ramp that aspect up as we move through the two weeks.  More information will be sent to you as we get the remote piece rolling.  This approach will help us to be better prepared for whatever COVID throws our way this year.  

Message from district nurses:  The link here will take you to a message from our district nurses.

Self-isolation after travel:  As we continue to learn about the strategies needed to keep our students and entire community safe from COVID-19, I need to raise awareness of the risks that are associated with travel right now.  If your family, or just your student, have traveled in the ten days before school starts, your student may need to remain home for ten days before coming to school.  The length of isolation from school depends on many factors, such as where s/he traveled to and mode of transportation.  If your student has traveled in the last two weeks, please fill out the Google form below and give us some information about the trip.  We will assess the need to isolate and contact families if there is cause for concern based on conversations with county public health.

Registration for the online option:  While our counselors work through the lengthy registration process with CDLS, please have patience.  As with so many systems these days, CDLS did not anticipate the large influx of students into its system.  If you have elected to have your student take the 100% online schooling option for this semester, know that we are working on getting students registered just as fast as we possibly can.

Donations:  Community members have been asking about donations that they can make to help our students to be safe.  Here are some items that would be helpful to have donated.

  • Masks, both disposable and cloth
  • Hand sanitizer, both small/individual bottles and bulk
  • Camp chairs (simple ones, nothing fancy) for outdoor classrooms
  • Clipboards for outdoor classrooms
  • Spray bottles, since the pumps for ours are on back-order.

Support for students:  The link below will take you to a flyer from Resilience 1220, an organization in the Evergreen area that supports both students and parents in any number of areas.  Their website will provide other support groups and classes.

Thank you for your partnership with the Digger/Duster staff as we work to keep everyone as safe as possible, create great learning opportunities for students, lay groundwork for their social-emotional and physical growth, and meet as many needs as we can while our students navigate these uncertain times.

Chris Gould, Principal